Matahari Beach Resort - SPECIAL - Wedray

Matahari Beach Resort – SPECIAL

Wedding Package Includes

  • The Wedding Couple Will Be Dressed In A Balinese Wedding Gown
  • Couple Will Be Escorted To Our “Romantic Pavilion”
  • The Ceremony Will Be Held Through Our “Pemangku” (A Balinese Priest)
  • The Ceremony Will Be Guided Through Our Temple Servant
  • Accompanying By Balinese Gamelan Music
  • Balinese Decoration In The Romantic Pavilion And The Garden
  • Decorated By Flowers And Palm Leafs With A Beautiful Balinese Style
  • Balinese Vase Flowers, Pillars Decoration, One Hand Carving Of Balinese Table, Two Hand Carving Balinese Chairs
  • Some Chairs Witnesses And Two Bride Boys With Balinese Umbrella Will Accompanied The Bridegroom

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